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PainterPrinter was designed to save time and make life easier for the firms.

The PainterPrinter is an autonomous robot able to scan the walls that are to be painted for windows, doors, and any wall accessories it then paints around those features, even getting that perfect ceiling line with a specialty feature the machine has. The machine has track wheels to allow it to be adaptable to a multitude of terrains, allowing firms to complete any paint job no matter its location.  The machine also has the space to insert and lock in place up to 6 cans of paint, which connects to the pumps that suck up the paint and shoot it out of the nozzles up top that release the paint in a spray form.   
In order to track where your company is at with a paint job, you are able to download our app to see first hand how well the job is going. Once you have connected your device to the PainterPrinter you will get to "facetime your robot", connect with us, and learn more about us. 


Providing a Number 1 Service

Our goal is to help your paint job as seamless as can be. If something is not running as smooth as anticipated let us know what changes can be made

Fast Performance

One room can often take a day to paint, we want to cut that down to a few hours so you can get more done in s short amount of time. 

Online Support

When you purchase a PainterPrinter you are able to use our app to track the quality of your paint job and you can let us know if something happens. 


Each PainterPrinter is equipped to autonomously scan each room for wall accessories and then paint around it.  

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

In order to ensure you are maximizing your experience, the PainterPrinter app will allow you to receive updates from your paint job. Each PainterPrinter is Bluetooth compatible allowing you to connect it to your mobile device.

Accessible from All Locations

You are able to receive updates anytime and anywhere as long as you receive phone signal. 


We've Come a Long Way

Meet the talented team!

Darleane Torres, CEO

Born and raised New Yorker who has almost 4 years experience working with small businesses. I was fortunate enough to take part in and found my team FIRST Robotics in high school. I am currently studying entrepreneurship and robotics with a background in logistics.

Joseph Mendoza, Chief Lead Engineer

Born and Raised New Yorker who is a certified Architectural Drafter and 

CAD Technician. I have experience as product engineer and being a co-founder of other startups. I am currently studying global supply chain management

Justin Opini, CFO

Born and raised in Nairobi, Africa. I understand over 15 languages of code with a vast knowledge of hardware and software. I am currently studying computer science and business intelligence and data analytics


Fact Check

Learn some quick facts about the paint industry

It will take about 570 gallons of paint to cover the outside of the White House

Paint tends to dry quicker when at a temperature of around 70 degrees

The color green is known for relieving stress


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Tel: 917-688-8493

Tel: 347-299-3473

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